Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project 52 - Moon Week 13

This week is just about over and I haven't got last week's Project 52 posted.
The theme for last week was Moon.

 Project 52 - Moon

I was planning on going out and take a picture of last week's full moon but somehow never got it done.
So I had to look into my archives for a picture.

This picture was taken a cold January morning

The full moon through the trees (August 31, 2012)

For some more August/12 - Once in a Blue Moon Shots

Head over to these other great photographers to see their interpretation of "Moon"
Tyler at Art of Tyger
Bryana at Ruitta Images

Ϡ₡✻   Marlys

✻✿*.¸.* Enjoy your day....`*.¸.*✻✿*.¸.*

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