Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid- Winter Festival

Each year around this time is Heikinpäivä. ~  A Finnish American festivity to celebrate that winter is half over... as the Finnish saying goes
karhu kääntää kylkeä (the bear rolls over to the other side).
This past Saturday, Hancock was filled with people ready to celebrate winter and that it is half over.
Parades, markets filled with Finnish foods and crafts and winter activities filled the streets.
I wasn't able to take many pictures as I was busy helping with a table at the market,
 selling riisipurro (rice porridge) and berry soup


berry soup

our table
 Some of the tables at the market, selling food and crafts

The Parade

Girls found a great place to watch the parade

 The parade consists of many people dressed in Sami gakti which is tradition  clothes of the Sami or Lapland people.  Some have character costume which are Finnish or Finnish American Forklore.

Hankooki Heikki - is the person who has
done the most to keep the Finnish Hertitage

World's Largest kicksled 

Sauna on wheels

Some of the outdoor activities

kicksled races

 vipukelkka or whipsled, which mimics a modern day merry go round

Other activities that are held are wife carrying contests,  boot toss and polar plunge - jumping in the cold Canal.  This year the polar plunge was cancelled due the warm weather at the beginning of the month and the inability of having some where warm to go after the plunge.

This year we were lucky as the weather cooperated.. it warmed up and there were only a few snow flakes falling.  Making the day an enjoyable one. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Project fifty-two ~ Repetition

I am a little bit late getting this posted.  
I did have a picture yesterday but glad I waited for today.
Yesterday I saw some icicles forming from the snow that was draping down from our roof and thought that this was perfect for this post.  
Today those icicles were melting and dripping.. 

Repetition of Drips 

Here is the first picture I took..

The picture with the icicles melting in repetition

You can also see the sun light glisten off the icicles!

Check out how other photographer's see repetition.
Tyler at Art of the Tyger
Bryana at Riutta Images
Bree at Simply Bree


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunlit Sunday ~ Sunrise

It isn't often that the sun is out during the winter and when it does come out, all I want to do is go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun rays.
Growing up in Saskatchewan, I took the sun for granted.  The weather in the winter might have been down-right cold but it didn't seem so bad as the sun was shining brightly.
Here in Upper Michigan we don't get the privilege of seeing the sun and most days are  dreary and bleak.
Until that day that sun decides to show his face and brings smiles to everyone.

Morning Sunrise


Sunlit Sunday
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Project 52: Delicate

A young friend of mine has started up her own photography company and she takes such wonderful pictures.   Her name is Briana and her website is Simply Bree Photography and her blog is Simply Bree.

This year she has started Project 52.  Each week she has picked a topic and will be doing a picture to portray that topic.  I am a couple of week's behind and week's 3 theme is:


The other night when I was heading out the door I noticed the frost on the windows... This was the perfect interpretation of delicate.  As I didn't have time to take out my camera, I did this shoot with my phone.  I did have to do some editing as my yellow escape was in the picture and I really didn't want it to be seen...and although it is still in the picture you can't see it.  I used  lomo-ish edit for this picture.

Head over to these great your photographer's to see what their interpretation of delicate is:
Simply Bree 
Natalie Carolyn Photography
La Bella


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daisy in Sunlight

It may seem a bit off to be putting a picture of a daisy on my blog today
as we have gotten mega amounts of snow...
But I was downloading some pictures from my phone and 
found this picture that I took in 2011.
(Yes, I still have pictures from 2011 on my phone.)
When I found it I thought this is perfect for 
My little Home and Garden's Sunlit Sunday.

I had taken this one morning after coming home from work..
The sun was shining brightly... 
It is one of my favorite pictures, 
even thought the petals are full of dirt. 

I hope it can bring a little sunlight into your life...


Sunlit Sunday

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cold and windy day! BRRRRR

This past week I have been having cabin fever, big time.
Not sure why as we haven't had lots of cold weather or snow to keep me inside.
But still that is how I felt since the start of the new year.
Thursday, The sun was shining so brillantly
We normally have cloudy days in the U.P.,
so to see the sun is a treat..
I decided that I wanted to head out to Lake Superior and take some pictures.
Well, I should have looked at the forecast as when I got out there it was

Cold and Windy!

Brrrrr was it cold...
My fingers were so cold that I was just about in tears, 
but I did get a few pictures taken.
They aren't the best as I was much too cold to do more then point and shoot,
and some are a bit blurry
But I think you see the coldness in the pictures...

No one was at the beach... Not sure why.

The shoreline... The waves are starting to make some snow volcanoes.

You could just hear the waves crashing against the shore 

The Swings waiting for warmer days!

Lake Superior
 so beautiful and magnificent...
The sounds of the waves as they crash onto the shore
The quietness and peacefulness.
 Nature ~ God's Gift.

Even in winter it shows it beauty...
But BRRRR  such cold and  Cday!

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