Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid- Winter Festival

Each year around this time is Heikinpäivä. ~  A Finnish American festivity to celebrate that winter is half over... as the Finnish saying goes
karhu kääntää kylkeä (the bear rolls over to the other side).
This past Saturday, Hancock was filled with people ready to celebrate winter and that it is half over.
Parades, markets filled with Finnish foods and crafts and winter activities filled the streets.
I wasn't able to take many pictures as I was busy helping with a table at the market,
 selling riisipurro (rice porridge) and berry soup


berry soup

our table
 Some of the tables at the market, selling food and crafts

The Parade

Girls found a great place to watch the parade

 The parade consists of many people dressed in Sami gakti which is tradition  clothes of the Sami or Lapland people.  Some have character costume which are Finnish or Finnish American Forklore.

Hankooki Heikki - is the person who has
done the most to keep the Finnish Hertitage

World's Largest kicksled 

Sauna on wheels

Some of the outdoor activities

kicksled races

 vipukelkka or whipsled, which mimics a modern day merry go round

Other activities that are held are wife carrying contests,  boot toss and polar plunge - jumping in the cold Canal.  This year the polar plunge was cancelled due the warm weather at the beginning of the month and the inability of having some where warm to go after the plunge.

This year we were lucky as the weather cooperated.. it warmed up and there were only a few snow flakes falling.  Making the day an enjoyable one. 

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