Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunlit Sunday ~ Sunrise

It isn't often that the sun is out during the winter and when it does come out, all I want to do is go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun rays.
Growing up in Saskatchewan, I took the sun for granted.  The weather in the winter might have been down-right cold but it didn't seem so bad as the sun was shining brightly.
Here in Upper Michigan we don't get the privilege of seeing the sun and most days are  dreary and bleak.
Until that day that sun decides to show his face and brings smiles to everyone.

Morning Sunrise


Sunlit Sunday
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  1. I too live In northern Michigan.... And I know what you mean about the sun! Perhaps we appreciate it more than others since we have fewer days with the sun- especially in the winter months. Great sunrise photo :-)

  2. Sunshine makes everything look and feel better. Lovely photo!

  3. I love the sunrise. Amazing how the sun can make all things better! Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  4. Beautiful sunrise photo. I'm visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

  5. I love this stillness in the snow and the sunrise. Beautiful.
    Green tomato

  6. I lived in Saskatchewan for four years and remember all the sunshine! I could use some of it in this province.

    Beautiful sunrise, Marlys. It always amazes me how the colours can change so quickly. Thanks for participating in Sunlit Sunday!


  7. Such a beautiful sun rise - we are all fogged in today which is very unusual for our part of the country.

  8. What a beautiful capture! Sunrises are always so captivating. I love the bare branches of the tree too.

  9. Beautiful sunrise! Sunshine does seen to make the cold winter days more bearable.

  10. Such a lovely view. The sky is always full of wonder.

  11. Marlys, this is a beautiful photo. I love the yellow sunrise and the snow covered road curving around the trees. Blessings, Pamela