Monday, January 28, 2013

Project fifty-two ~ Repetition

I am a little bit late getting this posted.  
I did have a picture yesterday but glad I waited for today.
Yesterday I saw some icicles forming from the snow that was draping down from our roof and thought that this was perfect for this post.  
Today those icicles were melting and dripping.. 

Repetition of Drips 

Here is the first picture I took..

The picture with the icicles melting in repetition

You can also see the sun light glisten off the icicles!

Check out how other photographer's see repetition.
Tyler at Art of the Tyger
Bryana at Riutta Images
Bree at Simply Bree


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  1. I love that second shot Marlys, it's very beautiful !
    Have a nice week :)

  2. Hi Marlys over from Sunlit Sunday. These are magnificent photos and so on the mark. I can tell you are a good photographer. Blogging has sure made mine better. Pop over to" Friday Shoot my Town " as it is photography only and we have a great group from around the world. Would love to see more of your neck of the woods. I will come back and give you the address as I can't remember it right off.

    1. Thank you so much for you compliments. I am not sure about being a good photographer but I do know how to edit to make things the way I want them :). By the way this wasn't even what I was going for when I took the picture.

  3. Returning with my invitation to check out This week the topic is "Introduce us to your camera. Your 1st one and how did you become involved in photography." I think we could learn from you if you are willing to share.

  4. Beautiful shots! I love to see ice sickles but we don't see them often here, it just doesn't get cold enough :(

  5. Hi, Marlys
    I'm sorry to be so slow in looking at your photos; not much computer time while I'm away from home. I like how you caught the droplets and how the icicles are shimmering! You know I enjoy your photos!