Friday, April 26, 2013

Project 52 Week 17 - Film

Project 52 - Film

This week's theme, yes I said this week's - I am finally on time again is film or film-like.  I wonder if the children growing up even know what film for a camera is.  Can you even buy a camera that uses film anymore and how easy is it to get your film developed.
Since the coming of digital cameras, it is harder and harder to buy film cameras and probably just as hard to get them developed.  The days where you shoot rolls and rolls of film to make sure you get that one great picture are long gone.  Now you can just delete the pictures that you don't like as you are taking them.  Also the days of taking your film in, waiting at least a couple of days, if not a week depending on where you went is a thing of the past.  Do you even develop you pictures anymore?  I so very seldom do.  I now share them through multi media.
When thinking of this theme I remembered my SLR camera and also my video camera, both take film.  I had thought that I had a roll of film lying around the house, but I must have gotten rid of it.  

Here is my interpretation of film:

It does make me sad to think that these days are over, but like everything technology advances.
What do you think will be the next thing we will see in photography?

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  1. I know it is kind of sad in a way but I also love the convience of digital and my skills have greatly improved with having the luxury of taking lots of pictures. I have a bunch of video film that I need to transfer to disc. I haven't viewed it in a long time as my camera broke 10 years ago. So that will be fun to get that done. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my last post! Have a wonderful day!