Friday, May 3, 2013

Project 52 Week 18 - Leaves

This week's theme for 

Project 52 is Leaves

Now I could have gone out and taken pictures of leaves, that is if we had any kind of leaves on the trees.  As winter still is hanging out here in the U.P., leaves are far and few between.  As I was thinking of this theme, this saying kept coming to my mind.....

Turning a New Leaf

So keeping that in mind, here is my interpretation of this week's theme....

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  1. Do you rememember this song?
    It's what came to mind when I saw your leaf (a season) on the turntable. Clever photo, Marlys!

    1. Of course I remember this song Karen, although I didn't think of it when I did this picture. I used to play it on the piano all the time..

  2. That is way cool! Good job!