Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two seasons

I have always lived somewhere where you do know the differences in the seasons..
But when you live in the north, although there is supposed to be four seasons
there are only

Two Seasons  

Those two seasons are 

Road Construction

and this year the road construction is right out my door...


First they brought their big machinery and dug up the road...

The house was vibrating...

This all happened last week but it does give the neighbors something to do
chatting and watching what is going on.
They did have to take some time out to pump out the water out of the ditches when it rained.

So now onto this week's work

All this construction is leading to very little sleep... and when you are a night shift worker, sleeping during the day is not a easy chore on any given day.  So needless to say that this summer or should I say road construction season, I am thinking I won't get too much sleep.  Right now they are working across the street and I still have some access to getting out of my yard.  I am not sure what will happen when and if they need to dig up our side of the street.  But we do get some compensation for all this.  MDOT is sending us sometime in the near future a cheque for $100.00 just so our taxes can go up.

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  1. I don't suppose it's possible to change your shift. Good luck, Marlys.

    1. No Karen and just found out that I will be on nights all summer :(

  2. I love the snowb lowing in shorts and a tank top picture :-) Road construction is bad enough but to have it right outside your door? UGH! Get good sleep when you can Marlys!

    1. I just had to take that picture when I saw him out snow blowing...