Sunday, February 24, 2013

The sun shines after the storm

The Storm of the Decade

Last week we had the mother of all blizzards or at least I though so...It is one of the worst blizzards that I have seen since moving here to the U.P.  I did read reports that this was the worst storm in the last 17 years.   Most schools in the area were closed, including Michigan Technological School.  And for MTU to close, it had to be bad.  Roads were closed south of here because of snow drifts that were 6-8 feet high.  Winds were up to 50 miles per hour.  For two days the only thing we did was shovel out..  I also read that we only received 14 inches of snow during this storm.  They didn't come and check with or... Or look in our yard.  There was  a lot more then 14 inches in our yard, or maybe they were saying per hour :).  It took my husband 6 hours to shovel, snow blow and clear all the snow from our yard.  I did help for about 2 hours... I helped.  I also made sure there was fresh, warm coffee brewing each time he came in to warm up.  Isn't that what a good wife should do?
Looking to the back steps

From the garage

Driveway towards the front yard

I can do this... I know I can

The side of the garage

Front yard has close to 5 feet of snow

Coffee for the warm up times

Digging out the front yard
after the plows have come through

More digging

What the side of the house looks like

Neighbor's truck is covered

Snow Day!!!!

As a child storms are great.  Schools are cancelled.  There is a lot of snow. And you can't wait to get out there with your sleds.  I remember those days.  The neighbor's didn't even have to go to a snow hill.   They had enough snow hills in the back yard to sled down.

     Do you know what the best part of a storm is?

The sun shines after the storm

A promise that the storm is done... At least for now 
The Sun so wonderful and cheery and bright.
The Storm is over

Looking over toward's the neighbors

Our back yard

I can look out and pretend that I am in the mountains.
Ϡ₡✻   Marlys

`*.¸.*✻✿*.¸.* Enjoy your day....`*.¸.*✻✿*.¸.*

Sunlit Sundays

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  1. That is an incredible amount of snow. Thank goodness you have a snowblower. Even then, it would a tremendous task to clear a path and driveway. That light in the window makes your warm home look very inviting; there must have been plenty of moments when your husband thought of being inside, all cozy.

    There is such a contrast between the stormy photos and the ones with the sunlight afterwards. It must have been a pleasure to see it soldier on, Marlys.

    Thank you for bringing these wintry shots to "Sunlit Sunday".


    1. You know Karen, I never even noticed the light in the window... I was more interested in the snow :)

  2. That is a LOT of snow Marlys!! Wow. It reminds me of when I was growing up in the city and there was no place to put the snow cleared from the sidewalks or driveways and the snowbanks got so high. I love the photo of the snow stuck all over the side of your house. That is what a blizzard will do. It may have looked like that here last weekend during the blizzard but we were away and missed it and the 2 previous ones. :) I'm glad you were 'helping' your husband by providing warm coffee. :) I hope this week is better for you in the storm department. Pamela

    1. We normally get lots of snow Pamela... but this storm was the worst I had seen since we had lived here. No further storms although did get another 4 -5 inches of snow.

  3. You did get quite a lot of snow didn't you! My dad grew up in Calumet- are you close to that area? I know they really get a lot of snow up there. We average about 150 to 180 inches a winter, but we are only up to about 83" right now all total since November when we had our first snow that could be measured. We had the winds too and it really piled the snow in deeply. Thank goodness for snow blowers! So far my husband always does the snow blowing- I don't look forward to ever trying! I go out and shovel the deck and steps but that's about it. Stay warm!

    1. We live in Laurium, Liz so very close. My hubby does most of the snow removal, I only have to help if I want to.

  4. Wow! I think you could build an igloo in that stuff :) My kids would have a blast but I am sure they would come running in cold in all of 5 minutes!

    1. No problems with making igloos here.

  5. All I can say is, Wow!! Your pictures are amazing!

  6. Wow!!! Being buried in snow is that just a figure of speech, its really true!!!

  7. Oh my goodness Marlys! I bet your hubby wished for a moment he was back in Africa!!!! Gosh! You have lovely photos, but I certainly don't envy the snow. Keep warm the both of you, and eat lots of lovely belly warming food, (especially if your boiler is on the blink too!)

    1. Mary, he keeps saying that once he is done school, we will be moving where there is not as much snow.