Sunday, October 21, 2012

Perspective Photo Challenge - Senses

This week's Photo Challenge is the 5 senses... 
I wasn't sure if I had any pictures that would cover at least a few of these senses... 
and I had to do some digging...
Here are my pictures to portray at least some of the 5 senses.
Mine near the Soo Locks in Sault Ste Marie
Smelling the smells in the mine
Hearing the noises of the equipment on the mine
Seeing the sights of the mine.
Hearing my niece giggle as she gets "tickle bellies" on a hilly road.
Feeling the "tickle bellies" deep down in your tummy
Tasting Mackinac Island Fudge
Feeling the coolness of the ice cream on their lips on a cold summer day

Perspectives Photo Challenge


  1. Great perspective! The children eating ice cream is adorable, they look like they are really enjoying every bite.

    1. Thanks Tami... They do look like they are really enjoying it.

  2. Aw, the kids really look like they're enjoying their treat!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love Mackinac Island Fudge. I enjoyed looking through some of your other pictures for this challenge too. I've got lots of family in Michigan and haven't been for a visit in several years. I miss going there.

    1. Thanks Eleanor for coming by... Maybe my pictures will help you a bit :)