Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Town

For the last few years, we have lived in the Copper Country... God's Country as most of the people would say.  And it is beautiful and the more I explore, the more history I have found out.  We live in a small town called Laurium, which borders another town Calumet.
Laurium is the center of Copper Country and was initially called Calumet, and Calumet was initially called Red Jacket.  In 1895 the name was changed to Laurium after another famous mining town in Ancient Greece.  Laurium was initially founded as a mining town and was home to the wealthy Keweenaw society, such as mine owners and captains.  Although the mines are closed, many of these large homes and mansions are still standing. In 1900 the population of Laurium was 5643 of those, 2286 were foreigners.  In 2010 the population is 1977 and possibly is even less as people have being moving out to find jobs.  The end of the mines brought with it the end of  livelihoods for many people.

This building at one time was the First National Bank, now a second hand store

Hecla Street in Laurium

this building is the top of the police station
First Baptist Church

Tamarac Street in Laurium

walking down the sidewalk on Tamarac Street 

Laurium Manor ~ Bed and Breakfast

Victorian Hall ~ Bed and Breakfast

Outdoor Theater

Gipp Memorial

George Gipp Memorial Park.  Gipp, Notre Dame's first All - American football player was born in Larium in 1895

This is where we call Home Sweet Home! 
This is just a small view of our town and the history... I will continue more at a later time and also with pictures of Calumet.  I hope you enjoyed the short tour of Laurium.


information about the area came from,_Michigan.  


  1. Thank you for the tour! You live in a beautiful town and the photos are lovely!

  2. What a pretty little town. Thanks for the tour!

    1. Thanks Valerie... I think it is a pretty town.. The buildings are beautiful, it is just sad that people can't keep up the preservation of these buildings.

  3. Hi, Marlys
    The town looks lovely and I really like the look of your house with all of the windows and that big front porch!

    1. Thanks Karen... I love my house and we have a porch just about the same size in the back that we use more often than the front

  4. I loved seeing all the pictures of you home town. I love all the fall leaves and your house is beautiful!