Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Random Pictures of Kids
Last week two of my sisters came to visit and one of them brought  her two sons.  We had lots of fun exploring the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Also a great opportunity to take many pictures...

One of the places we went to was Fort Wilkins
The boys got to try out their hand doing the laundry..

Baking Bread

Cooling off at Lake Fanny Hohoe

Chilling over Lake Superior

Watching the Sunset at McLain Park

My Brother and his family came the last day and we meet at Canyon Falls

And their best place was Shoots and Ladders at Houghton Beach

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  1. It's nice that your family was able to spent some time together. It looks like the children had fun!


  2. Beautiful portraits of these children Marlys and I really love the photo of the sunset :)